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Are you interested in making a career switch? Or, do you want to learn more about how you can succeed in your current position?

Either way, a career coach can help you get there.

Studies show that when you’re happy at work, that tends to translate into other areas of your life, contributing to an overall feeling of satisfaction.

As such, who wouldn’t want a little coaching to help them reach the maximum level of contentment with their job?

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a career coach do?” we’d love to explain.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few top responsibilities associated with the title, so you can see for yourself the benefits a career coach offers.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. What Does a Career Coach Do? The First Step

To begin, a career coach will assess your current work situation.

Are you happy in general with only a few things you’d like to change? Or, are you ready to move in an entirely different direction?

This conversation will typically take place in a one-on-one setting and will be kept confidential. It could occur in person, over the phone, or on the internet.

Regardless of the method of communication, you should feel encouraged to share openly about where you are and where you’d like to be.

2. A Career Coach Helps You Visualize Outcomes

Once your career coach has a grasp of your present situation, he or she will then want to know where you envision yourself in the future.

Are you currently working a 9-to-5 desk job but dream of one that lets you travel more? Are you seeking a more flexible work-life schedule? Do you want a career that’s more closely aligned to your degree and skill set?

Your career coach will ask questions like these to draw from you what your ultimate career goals are.

Often, you can visualize the career you want for yourself, but you can’t put your finger on exactly which type of job will get you there.

This is one of the benefits of career coaching.

Your coach will assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you find the job path that’s best aligned with them.

Then, he or she will define a list of outcomes that you’re ready to work toward. Having these concrete goals in place will make taking the first steps that much easier.

3. You’ll Work Together on Each Step

After you collaborate to define your expected outcomes, your career coach will create an executable action plan to help you get there.

Depending on your specific situation, this could consist of smaller-scale weekly steps or more significant changes you should make every month or so.

Once your timeline is set, your career coach will schedule to meet with you accordingly.

During these meetings, he or she will check your progress, help you work through any issues, and encourage and motivate you to complete the next part of your journey.

Securing the Future You Want: Your Professional Resource

Are you still asking the question, “What does a career coach do?”

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our professional services, including career coaching and resume writing, can help you identify and secure the job of your dreams.

Feel free to contact us for more information, and let’s re-write your future!

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