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Returning to work after an extended leave can feel like an enormous undertaking. How can you possibly manage your home life and a new work life?

How will you handle an interview after spending so much time away?

Returning doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here are five great tips for returning to work that will help you during this time of transition.

1. Ease In Part-time When Returning To Work

Going back to work can be difficult for many reasons. Consider easing into a work routine by starting with a lighter workload.

You’ll have more time to taper your full-time role of parenting and increase your role as an employee if you’ve been a stay-at-home parent. This lessens the effect of your return on your family so it’s not such a drastic change.

Part-time and temporary positions also present the unique opportunity to try out several different employers and positions.

If you’re returning from a long maternity leave, see what options you have with your company.

Some employers are taking a more flexible approach when women return to work after having a baby. Some now offer temporary part-time arrangements.

2. Stay Connected

Staying connected is a multifaceted, ongoing task. It begins during your leave and continues until your return.

Make an effort to stay in touch with associates during your time of absence. This allows you to maintain a relationship with them. You’ll also be aware of changes in the workplace.

When you’re ready to return, let your former associates, friends, acquaintances, and family know that you plan to work again in the near future. New opportunities may be available and they’ll be able to let you know if any might suit you.

3. Be Interview Ready

When you have decided to return to work, have a great resume ready in case any opportunities come up.

If one of those opportunities leads you to an interview, be prepared with a positive attitude and a brief, honest explanation for your hiatus.

Tell prospective employers about your previous experience and also what kind of position you’re interested in currently.

Hiring an interview coach is another great way to go in with confidence.

4. Line Up Your Home Life

Part of what makes returning to work so stressful is dealing with the changes at home.

If you’ll be using childcare, prepare weeks ahead of time. Research childcare options and make arrangements in advance.

Introduce your child to their new routine before you actually return to work. This includes introducing the new schedule at home and getting them used to going to a different place daily.

5. Keep Your Resume And Your Skills Fresh with New Experiences

Being away from work doesn’t mean being completely out of the game. There are many ways to build on your experience and expand your knowledge while you’re absent.

Taking classes is an excellent way to brush up on your skills. You’ll be able to stay current on changes in technology and industry practices.

Volunteering is a good way to keep your work and communication skills sharp as well.

Don’t forget the skills you’ve gained during your leave. Personal growth is important and it’s likely you’ve grown in many communication and relationship areas.

Return With Confidence

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