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If you’re seeking a new job in today’s competitive market, you should consider interview coaching.

A recent report by Jobvite found that on average, corporate job openings see a submission of more than 250 resumes. Out of those, only 4 to 6 candidates will be invited for an interview. That’s about 2%! Out of those, only one will get an offer.

Now that you know what it takes to get a job interview, the last thing you want to do is waste the opportunity by being unprepared.

In this article, we’re discussing how interview coaching works and what it does to put you ahead of the competition.

How Interview Coaching Works

Employment interview coaching can help you be your most prepared and confident, significantly increasing your chances of receiving employment offers.

Discussing your value while simultaneously presenting yourself as likable, easy to work with, and professional isn’t a skill that comes naturally to most of us.

It takes practice to hone your interviewing skills. That’s where an interview coach can help.

What does an interview coach do?

A great interview coach will help you determine the message you want to convey, strategically present yourself, and calm your nerves.

Additionally, interview coaches will assist you in crafting responses to both behavioral and common interview questions such as:

Tell me about yourself.

What are your strengths?

Why do you want to work for (this company)?

Why did you leave your last job?

What is your biggest weakness?

Being prepared for these tough questions with relevant answers will position you for success during the interview process. It’s like getting the answers to the test ahead of time, but without cheating!

Plus, an interview coach will help you avoid common interview mistakes, such as appearing insincere, looking disheveled, or giving off negative energy.

That’s not all. Your coach will also help you research targeted companies and positions.

It’s important that you’re well-prepared before going into your interview. Meaning, you should be aware of the company’s key products or services, its major competitors, and the position of the person interviewing you.

In many interviews, you’ll have an opportunity to ask one or more questions about the company. This is your chance to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

An interview coach will teach you how to use this opportunity to show that you are more interested in the goals of the company than other considerations, such as how much vacation time you’ll receive.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching costs vary by company as well as by how many sessions you choose.

At Elite, we charge a competitive $175 for each hour-long session.

There is no magic formula to guarantee you’ll get hired, but you deserve to have the tools that will give you the best opportunity to win the job.

Now You Know!

If you’re tired of being passed over, and you’re ready to get the job want, contact Elite today for interview coaching.

We offer resume services, interview coaching, and career coaching so we’re happy to help you no matter what stage you’re in during your career search!

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