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Many job seekers are thrilled when they get called for a job interview. It means your resume caught the attention of the right people and they want to know more about you. Hopefully, it will also end with a job offer.

While receiving an invitation to interview is great, you’ll still need to walk into your meeting and wow the interviewer! To accomplish this, interview preparation is key, especially if you’re uncomfortable during interviews or need to polish your skills.

Here are seven interview questions everyone should be prepared to answer:

Why should I hire you? This is your time to shine! Take an inventory of your assets and skills that match the position requirements the employer is looking to fill. Also, be prepared to discuss the qualities that demonstrate you have what it takes to get the job done.

What are your weaknesses? It’s very easy to talk about positive things, including your strengths. It’s more difficult to talk about your weakness, but it can actually demonstrate self awareness and strength of character. Gather your thoughts before you respond because you don’t want to tell prospective employers why they shouldn’t hire you. Instead, share a weakness and the steps you take to overcome it.

Why are you dissatisfied with your current job? Or, what did you like least about your last job? Often employers ask this question to find out more about your weaknesses. For this reason, don’t speak negatively about your current job, boss, or the hours. Instead, dig deeper and figure out what was really bothering you. Is it possible that you were not challenged enough? Or, were you overwhelmed with the workload of three people?

Why have you been out of work? This is a question that most parents dislike, especially if they’ve taken some time off to raise their children. It can be difficult to re-enter the work force so it’s important to be honest with employers. They won’t hire someone else simply because you were busy raising your family. Instead, focus on the tasks that you did on a regular basis that can be an asset in your new assignment.

What is the best boss you’ve had as well as the worst? Keep your answers positive. During the interview, the employer is trying to determine if you would fit into the work environment. However, even the best employees don’t always get along with their managers so it’s important to learn the personality and leadership styles that you work well with as well as those that might be more challenging.

Where do you see yourself in three to five years?  Since the recession, many people have had to rethink this question. Nevertheless, before training new employees, employers want to make sure you are going to stay with them for a while.

How much should I pay you? Money is one of the most difficult things to talk about, even at job interviews. Let the employer initiate the salary discussion, enabling you to negotiate a better compensation package.

To make a great first impression, set aside some time to research the company, prepare success stories, and practice your responses. By focusing on common interview questions and having well-thought out answers, you’ll breeze through the interview and be on your way to a new and better career.

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