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When you’re ready to discover your career path or change careers, you may want to take one or more career assessments to identify the types of careers that you would excel in and actually enjoy. The good news is that there are plenty of online career assessments you can take to get you moving in the right direction. Today, let’s discuss four ways you can get ready in this week’s article, “Career Quiz: How to Prepare for a Career Assessment.”

1. Practice various tests.

Many people may have told you that you can’t really prepare for a career assessment, but actually you can. There are various online tests you can take in order to get a feel for how career assessments are designed and evaluated. This can be helpful in preparing you for the actual test because you’ll know beforehand what to expect.

2. Get plenty of sleep.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your test. Feeling refreshed will help you perform at an optimal level while you’re taking the career assessment. Also, be sure to organize your day to avoid feeling rushed.

3. Adopt an optimistic attitude.

A career assessment is simply a quiz to help identify your unique personality, strengths, and values, so there are no wrong answers. Just be honest―maintain a positive attitude about taking the career assessment―and you’ll be fine.

4. Be yourself.

Whether you’re taking a career assessment for the very first time―or you’ve taken several before―be yourself. When you’re at ease and respond to the assessment questions in a natural way (without much thought), the results of the career assessment will be more accurate.

Career assessments are designed to assist you in learning more about your employment preferences, skills, motivations, values and goals. They can also be very beneficial in steering you away from an ill-suited career path. If you’re stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your career direction as many graduates, career changers, and recently unemployed professionals are, then it’s wise to take time to assess your personality, interests, and skills. When you’re prepared, your anxiety will subside, nervousness will fade, and you’ll gain greater clarity. In fact, you’ll be much more relaxed by taking proactive steps to identify the best career path/s for you.

If you’re struggling to discover your career path― or you’d like to change careers―call us today to speak with an Elite Career Coach, as we can assist in assessing your strengths, skills, and interests. Our career coaches have broad knowledge and deep experience in using a variety of career assessments that can be used to create a customized action plan for your career advancement.

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