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Are you struggling to write a compelling cover letter? If so, below you’ll find a few of the best cover letter samples including 10 tips for writing a compelling cover letter.

1.  Take a personal skills inventory to identify your areas of expertise and most significant achievements
2.  Perform research to learn all you can about the company including products and services offered, current initiatives, and key competitors
3.  In your opening paragraph, let the reader know who you are and what position you’re targeting
4.  Don’t be afraid to name drop if you were referred
5.  Demonstrate your knowledge of the position
6.  Highlight success stories in alignment with the employer’s needs
7.  Include an excerpt from a relevant recommendation, if available
8.  Be assertive, ask for an interview
9.  Proofread, edit, polish, and finalize
10. Be sure to enclose or attach your resume


Andrew S. Williams

1777 Wellington Court | Chicago, IL 60290
Mobile: (312) 645-1111 |

Celeste Moore
Human Resources Director
Viking Telecom
7684 Centennial Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

Dear Ms. Moore:

Expanding and enhancing telecommunications infrastructure, systems, and processes are my areas of strength. As an experienced telecommunications professional with a combined total of 10+ years of technical leadership, engineering, and project management experience, I have contributed to multimillion-dollar business and technology initiatives. I understand from my research that Viking Telecom is poised for growth and is developing expansion plans to support that initiative. As such, I am confident that my extensive experience would translate into significant benefits for your organization.

Viking’s telecom environment will require the technical skills of highly qualified individual contributors, team leaders, and project managers as the company moves forward with expansion plans. I am experienced in all three roles. As Staff Manager of Carrier Services for Star Communications, I completely revamped the project assignment process and automated the provisioning plan structure including the milestone activities, which enhanced operational effectiveness, improved order processing, increased revenue potential $25,000 monthly recurring charge, and streamlined delivery intervals.

My skill set is both broad and deep and includes oversight of telecom operations, infrastructure development, engineering, telecom budgeting, and hands-on technical tasks. My teams, colleagues, managers, and customers know me as a strong leader, motivator, and team player who can work cross-functionally to push projects forward.

If I had to isolate the core reasons for my success at Star Communications, I would say that it is a unique combination of leadership, technical, interpersonal, and business skills. I have consistently delivered cost-effective, leading-edge telecom solutions that optimized business operations, elevated productivity, and maximized revenue.

Although I enjoy my employment with Star Communications, I am eager to meet new challenges in the telecommunications industry. Therefore, I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you directly, to elaborate on my qualifications as to how they match your current needs. I think you will find that the specific strategies I have to share with you are worthy of consideration.

For your review, my résumé is attached. I will contact you early next week in hopes of arranging a convenient meeting time. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to speaking with you soon.


Andrew S. Williams

Attachment: Résumé

Carolyn Donaldson

7411 Ashley Forest Lane | Atlanta, GA 30324
Mobile: 404.233.2966 |

Reginald C. Truitt
Vice President, Human Resources
Morris Rich University
9011 Peachtree Road, NE
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Dear Mr. Truitt:

I am contacting you at the suggestion of Celeste Brewer, guidance at Morris Rich University, who felt that my background and experience would be an excellent match for the Director of Workforce Development vacancy at your college. Please allow me to explain briefly how my skills and abilities can contribute to the success of Nashville State Community College.

In reviewing the requisition for this position, I noted that you are seeking a candidate with the ability to develop employment opportunities for your students and graduates by liaising with businesses and industries. As Customer Account Representative of the Northeast Region for Coca Cola, I am highly skilled in establishing and cementing lasting relationships with professionals and executives of businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. Moreover, I have more than eight years of experience supervising, training, mentoring, and motivating employees to peak levels of performance. In addition, I meet the following specific requirements.

Your Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; Master’s degree preferred
• 3 years business or industry experience
• Successful experience developing and marketing workforce programs

My Qualifications
• Bachelor’s & Master’s degree from Emory University; former graduate assistant and student employee
• 8+ years experience industry experience
• 10+ years of successful experience developing and marketing educational and business plans

My resume is attached to provide you with additional details regarding my background and achievements, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal the diversity of my management experience and unique contribution I can make to your university.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Carolyn Donaldson

Attachment: Résumé

Robert M. Cox

2932 Valley Ridge Drive | New York, NY 10025
Mobile: (718) 233-2966 |

Brittany Jordan
Senior Director, Human Resources
Google, Inc.
9011 Peachtree Road, NE
New York, NY 10002

Dear Ms. Jordan:

Enhancing and supporting strategic planning processes and evaluating high-impact projects are my areas of strength. I have been characterized as a major contributor on numerous projects, providing tactical leadership to ensure focus, alignment, and execution of high-priority initiatives. Moreover, in every work assignment, from the beginning of my professional career as Release Manager with Crewell Financial to my latest role as Senior Manager of Sales Operations (Online Advertising Department) with Microsoft, Inc., I have consistently demonstrated persistence and resilience in accomplishing difficult tasks, creating/implementing innovative business solutions, and forecasting/recommending growth initiatives.

A partial list of my qualifications includes the following:
• A work ethic that honors integrity and excellence.
• Strong communication/presentation skills with exceptional analytic and problem-solving abilities.
• Willingness to work hard at any level to accomplish projects and tasks on time.
• Ability to effectively prioritize responsibilities and job assignments to advance company goals.

Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation:
“Robert is a well-rounded manager with strong analytical skills and an unparalleled attention to detail. It is refreshing to work with someone that anticipates your needs as Robert is incredibly proactive. Combine that with Robert’s work ethic and you end up with a solid partner you can trust to produce intelligent analysis that drives decision making.”
— Sam Banks, SVP, Microsoft Marketing & Business Operations

In all aspects of business operations, I am deeply committed to enhancing operational efficiencies and maximizing profitability. Further, I am experienced in creating executive-level presentations and presenting complex analytical findings in a clear, concise, and decision-impacting manner. My management style is one of leadership by example with a commitment to high standards, quality, and responsiveness.

I am eager to meet new challenges, and therefore would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you directly, to elaborate on my qualifications as to how they might match your current needs. I am confident you will find that the specific strategies I have to share are worthy of consideration.

Enclosed is my resume attesting to my experience and specialties. I will contact you within the next few days in hopes of arranging a convenient meeting time. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to speaking with you soon.


Robert M. Cox

Enclosure: Résumé

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