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How are you supposed to get a job if you don’t ever see the job openings?

As it turns out, only half of all available jobs are ever posted publicly.

So how do you break in? You have to be proactive.

Take a look at these six tips that will help you break through the hidden job market.

1. Start Networking To Find The Hidden Job Market

Networking isn’t just having a conversation with someone. It’s establishing a genuine relationship with a person who may become a good friend as you advance in your career.

You should never approach networking thinking about what you hope to get out of it. Put your personal job hunting goals aside and focus instead on making connections.

Make it about them. Be real.

Listen to others with interest and try to figure out a way you can help them. In fact, if you aren’t sure how your skill set will benefit them, ask them directly if there is anything you can do to help them.

People are likely to remember your generosity, and that will make them want to return the favor.

2. Find a Job Support Group

Networking should become a habit. You should network before you need a job, while you’re looking for a job, and after you get hired.

A job support group will keep you networking easily, not just at every-once-in-a-while events.

The people in these groups understand what you’re going through and are often willing to help you in any way they can. A job support group is also a great way to learn which employers are hiring.

3. Get Active On Social Media

A lot of companies have social media accounts, and you should find and connect with these sites.

LinkedIn is one of your greatest tools when trying to battle the hidden job market.

4. Attend A Conference

Conferences, conventions, or trade shows are great places to meet professionals and grow your network.

It’s also a place you’re likely to find someone looking to hire, and that person can talk to you about the interview process in person and set you up with other helpful resources.

Attending conferences can also help develop your professional skills.

5. Sign Up For News Alerts

News alerts will keep you up to date on prospective employers.

You’ll find out right away if the company has made a move that might lead them to hire more employees.

These alerts will also provide you with valuable information about the company. If you do get an interview with them, you will know what business they have been doing and be able to bring it up.

6. Contact Hiring Managers Directly

Before you can do this, you must figure out how your skills and background can make a positive difference for the company, but once you have a good plan, be proactive.

Contact the hiring manager, introduce yourself, and let them know how you can benefit their company.

Even if the company isn’t hiring when you call, you’ll be at the top of their list when you start.

Break Through the Hidden Job Market

Hidden jobs are a lot easier to find when you know where to look, but getting an interview requires you to be professional, compassionate, and assertive.

Are you out looking for that hard-to-find job? Contact us for help!

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