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In preparation for the interview invitations that you may receive, it never hurts to spend some time researching various ways to make a lasting first impression. After all, while an interview means potential hiring managers are interested, it is during the actual interview when you’ll have a chance to demonstrate that you are the best candidate. To be successful, I suggest that you spend some time learning the following points: 5 Things Every Interviewer Wants to Hear During an Interview, as these tips may be the very thing that sets you apart from other applicants.

Here are the five tips that you may want consider using during your next interview:

1. I can assure you that every project or assignment I receive, I will complete with excellence.

This shows that you pay attention to detail to ensure project quality.  Hiring managers want to know that you’re the kind of person who strives for excellence in even the smallest of tasks.

2. You’ll only have to tell me once in order to get something done.

Most people don’t like repeating themselves. If you’re assigned a project, with expected outcomes expressed, managers want to know that they can count on you to deliver on time, within scope, and on budget. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for clarification, but it does mean that if you are asked to do something, you’ll manage and own the project with minimal oversight.

3. I am easy to get along with.

Being a team player is important. During an interview, if you come across as difficult or a person who challenges authority, chances are an offer of employment will not be extended to you. Be proud that you’re easy to get along with and value teamwork and collaboration.

4. I am a trusted and loyal person.

Let recruiters and hiring managers know how long you’ve been loyal to other employers. Did you leave on good terms? Would they rehire you? When possible, demonstrate your loyalty and trustworthiness, as these are solid characteristics that hiring managers are seeking.

5. I am coachable.

This is HUGE. Potential employers want to know that you’re coachable.  Are you humble enough to accept constructive feedback or will you take everything personal?  Being humble and coachable are wonderful qualities to possess.

Before you go to your next interview, remember the 5 Things Every Interviewer Wants to Hear During an Interview. In doing so, you’ll let the interviewer know that you’re confident, reliable, and would be an asset to their company.

Are you in need of interview training? When I ask my clients this question, most of them say they interview well. However, when I begin to ask questions, and assist with scripting, they understand the value of practice and preparation. If you have an interview scheduled, Elite’s interview coaching services can assist you in influencing favorable hiring decisions. Call us today at 877-314-8872 or 404-692-4337 (Atlanta local).

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