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Whether you’re currently unemployed or looking for a position better suited for you, it’s important that you have a good strategy while you’re conducting a job search. The perfect job isn’t going to fall into place by chance; you have to put forth effort and sometimes get creative to acquire the right position. Here are 4 tips to help you enhance your job search strategy.

1.) Develop a job-search strategy, and know what you want.

As part of your job-search strategy, you may have identified your targeted position, profession, or industry. On the other hand, you may find it challenging to decide which direction to take, especially if you’re willing to consider positions in different fields. However, there are likely some aspects you’re already sure you want or don’t want. For instance, you may need a schedule that will accommodate your family obligations. You may desire a position that pays more than you’re currently making, or you may want to work for a company that’s known for treating their employees well. While it’s unlikely you’ll find a job that you’ll never have a complaint about, you should determine which employer characteristics are most important to you.

2.) Don’t limit your options.

Use every tool available to search for open positions, including local and national newspapers, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), and company job postings. Also, don’t forget to let your friends and family members know that you’re looking for a new position including the type of work you want. Of course, if you’re currently employed, you’ll want to exercise discretion.

To expand your job search, identify different businesses and industries you’d like to target. Even if a company hasn’t officially announced that they’re hiring, you may still be able to find employment. Take the initiative. If they’re willing to hire, you have the advantage of standing out from the crowd, and it’s likely there will be less applicants.

3.) Be resolved to continue your search, and don’t get discouraged.

The best job-search strategy will not yield tangible results if you lack determination and give up before you reach your goal. If you don’t get a position you really wanted, you may feel disappointed, but don’t stop your search. You can succeed in finding a really great job, perhaps even a better one! On the other hand, if you’re really convinced that a particular position was what you wanted, continue your search elsewhere, and perhaps you can reapply after some time has passed. Persistence can pay off, but make sure you don’t equate your job success with one position at a single company.

4.) Be prepared, and carry extra copies of your resume.

It’s important that you dress appropriately, not only when you go to an interview, but also when you apply in person. You goal is to make a favorable first impression on hiring managers, staff, and any employee that you meet during the course of the interview. Make sure you have several copies of your resume on hand.

At Elite Resume Writing Services, we know how essential a great resume is to the outcome of your job search. We would love to assist in your job search by developing an interview-winning resume that will highlight your skills and experience. To ensure you deliver a flawless, organized presentation during basic and complex behavioral (STAR and CAR) interviews, we also provide mock telephone and video interview (Atlanta clients only) coaching services.

These are just a few tips to help steer your job search in the right direction. By creating an effective job-search strategy, conducting a thorough search, being prepared, and remaining positive, you can succeed in finding a great job.

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