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Most often, we see or hear the terms sales and marketing used interchangeably, but the skills needed to perform these functions are very different. Sales requires the use of strong communication, relationship-building, and consultative/solutions sales abilities to call on customers, overcome objections, and negotiate terms/prices of products and services with prospective and existing customers.

Top sales professionals also have excellent organizational, customer service, and follow-up skills, enabling them to capture, expand, and retain major accounts while increasing referrals.

The primary role of marketing is to understand the marketplace, and interpret the voice of customers, to align strategic promotional initiatives with customers now and in the future, positioning organizations to become and remain both competitive and profitable.

Below you’ll find compelling resume samples that demonstrate phenomenal contributions sales and marketing managers have made to positively impact top-line growth. They assisted in maximizing revenue and profitability by developing new business, expanding existing business, and increasing overall sales.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Sales/Marketing & Business Development Professional

Senior Sales & Operations Manager

Executive Sales

Senior Sales Consultant

Consumer Insights

Media Executive

Senior Sales and Marketing


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Operations managers and general managers have similar roles, but their responsibilities are different. A general manager is accountable for all aspects of a company or organization, but an operations manager is only responsible for certain aspects of operations and production within a company or organization.

While the responsibilities may vary, typically general managers provide organizational vision and leadership, which includes decision making, short- and long-term planning,  human resources (recruitment, training and development, employee relations, and discipline), marketing and public relations, P&L financial management, production and quality control, and administrative management.

Great general managers can make a company a vibrant, profitable, and competitive enterprise. They have a proven record of transitioning ideas from seed concepts to commercial successes.

Operations managers are primarily focused on improving efficiency, productivity, and quality within an organization that sells products or provides services.  Effective operations managers leverage strong planning, organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills to consistently meet and exceed established performance goals and objectives.

Astute and forward-thinking IT managers create a competitive advantage for companies by aligning technology initiatives with strategic business plans, and assessing return on investment.  They exploit technology to deliver business solutions, which significantly improves communications, reduces costs, and enhances efficiencies.

For your review, I’ve posted several resume samples that demonstrate how performance-focused general managers, operations managers, and IT managers have helped to ensure that businesses remain efficient, competitive, and profitable.

Senior Operations Manager

Project Manager

Senior Project & Program Manager

Human Resource Executive

Operations & General Manager

Clinical Operations Executive

Senior Executive

Senior Logistics and Supply Chain Executive

Senior Web Developer

Strategic Sales & Senior IT Ops Manager

Senior DevOps Engineer

Information Technology Executive


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Finance and accounting managers play a major role in ensuring the financial health and wellness of an organization by acting as trusted business partners to senior leaders. They manage and administer financial activities, and provide strategic guidance in decision making, investments, and long-term financing goals.

Successful finance and accounting managers are highly ethical, detail-oriented, and have exemplary math and analytical skills. They also possess strong communication and organizational skills, which enables them to arrange and communicate voluminous information in a clear, logical, and accurate manner.

Finance and accounting managers help to drive value for companies by focusing on the big picture while managing small details. Below are a few resume samples of professional and senior-level financial managers.

Senior Finance Manager

Investment Research Analyst

Financial Investment Associate

Financial Services Executive



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